Xodus Debut set for UWI

February 28, 2020
The Mona campus of the UWI.

Dream Entertainment is promising revellers sun, rum and fun at Xodus Debut on Saturday, February 29, at The Ruins, The University of the West Indies.

“As a band, Xodus is known to connect with patrons in incredibly innovative and exciting ways. We know our rip-roaring revellers have a high expectancy and as such, we create carefully crafted events to meet their demands,” said Carlos Phillpotts, marketing director of Dream Entertainment.

Last year, the band celebrated Debut for the first time as a breakfast party edition. Event coordinators aim to mirror the euphoric and energising essence of the event.

“Xodus has grown to become a band favourite and these series of events that were created, leading up to road march, assisted with that status. With a remarkably high expectation, we will continue to uphold and deliver, Debut will be a treat,” he said.

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