D’Angel promises ‘unforgettable’ IG show

March 27, 2020

Forced to stay indoors and off the stage due to the threat of the new coronavirus, several entertainers have been using social media to engage their audiences and to build their fan base. One such person is D'Angel, the self-styled lady of dancehall.

"As entertainers, I think it's important to stay connected with your fans, especially now when everyone is grounded with nothing to do. I'm always keeping in tune with my 'angels', it's not uncommon for me to entertain them on my page," the Stronger singer said.

In addition to doing workout programmes and giving culinary lessons to her fans, D'Angel has planned an "unforgettable" show for her fans on Instagram this Friday.

"It's a good way to connect with my fans all across the world, and also to gain new fans, because what a lot of people don't know is that my catalogue is huge, so this will introduce my music to the world," she said.

D'Angel said that she wants to help people at home feel like they're at an actual event. "I want them to watch the live and say, 'Angel, me feel like we deh a one show. Me a guh dress up, hair and nails done, everything. Me a go hard'!"

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