Govana’s ‘gyallis classes’ a possibility

May 12, 2020

When he released HAMANTS Convo back in January, there was an urgent call for dancehall artiste Govana to follow through on his promise to give Chris (one of the main characters in the music video) lessons in 'how to be a gyallis'. That cry has been doubled following the release of Convo Part 2, but with even more fervency, with male listeners also requesting 'gyallis classes' from the deejay. Well, it seems like Govana may be ready to start imparting his knowledge to those who wish to receive it.

In a post made to his official Instagram page on Sunday, Govana shared a voice note he was recently made aware of in which two male fans were enquiring about said classes.

In the audio, which also features a female voice, the men can be heard asking if the classes are real and how they and their friends could sign up.

"Chu! Yuh hear it pan the video. Yuh think it real? No, man, it nuh real. A just gimmicks inna di song," the woman can be heard explaining.

The men, who refused to take no for an answer, then requested Govana's cell phone number, divulging the need to reach out to him personally.

In the caption on this specific post, Govana revealed that many have been calling his booking number, requesting information on his 'gyallis classes'.

'It's Not Gimmicks'

He then revealed that contrary to what was said in the voice notes, the classes are a huge possibility. "BTW, it's not gimmicks, gyallis class registration soon," a part of the caption read.

When THE STAR got in touch with Govana through his publicist, it was revealed that the deejay did not wish to elaborate any further on the post.

However, the post has already sent fans into a frenzy. Many have already said that with online being a valid option right now for virtual classes, registration can start. One even suggested that he could deliver classes via Zoom.

Other fans said that with physical shows coming to a halt because of the coronavirus, these classes could present another source of income for the artiste.

- S.G.

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