Sevana hopes to inspire dark-skinned girls

August 28, 2020

Different. Authentic. Natural. Melanin Queen. Those are just some of the adjectives used to describe reggae songbird Sevana.

Her videos are usually filled with compliments about her skin tone and her being confident enough to rock her natural hair and embrace her unique sense of style.

She told THE WEEKEND STAR that was always her intention as she desired to use her artistry to teach dark-skinned young girls and women to love the skin they're in.

"Me embracing who I am wasn't a matter of me trying to be different in a way where it would seem like I am overcompensating or in a way where I'm being extra or anything like that. This is just me being sincere. If that comes across as me being different, then great. If it comes across as me being inspiring, then that's even better because that's what I want to do," she said. Sevana said that she did not have many inspiring images of black women while growing up.

"Imagine being a little girl and hearing all the time, 'Gee, she black and ugly, eeh!'; or, 'Her hair bad, eeh!''; or ,'If only you were a little bit lighter, you would be prettier'. I wanted to see women who look like me being celebrated, and so if one black girl can look at me today and see herself, then that would be a powerful thing," she said. "I think it's important for young girls who look like me to see that it's OK to be who you are and show up as you are and not try to fit any ridiculous standard of beauty that exists. I want young girls to look at me and be confident in who they are because I am confident in who I am." The entertainer said that is why she is so involved in every aspect of her projects.

"I am representing myself in an honest way because this is really who I am, but I am also representing every black girl, every black woman who has grown to love themselves in their natural state," she said.

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