Kimiko shows she’s ‘versatile’ during pandemic

September 04, 2020
Kimiko Versatile
Kimiko Versatile
Kimiko Versatile
Kimiko Versatile

For dancer Kimiko Versatile, COVID-19 has been "a bittersweet experience".

The biggest shock came when she learned about the virus while on tour overseas. "I had 10 more countries to go but because of the pandemic, I had to return home," she said.

Her teaching business took a hit as well with the closure of borders, since the majority of her clientele comes from overseas.

Versatile Studioz, which opened in 2018, did tremendously well as a headquarters for teaching foreigners from all over the world, and booking rehearsal time for local recording artistes like Ishawna, Shaggy and Spice. The pandemic might have forced her studio's closure, but that didn't stop Kimiko Versatile from getting creative with her space.

Fusing both worlds, she hosted virtual classes in the space.

"I did a virtual dance camp in July, with lectures and dance classes. I got Carlene Dancehall Queen to teach and that class was wonderfully attended," she said.

That, along with her paid online classes, has assisted with the studio's upkeep. The cultural ambassador has also enjoyed engaging in promotional videos and many dance challenges presented by artistes via social media. She has been choreographing, doing lectures online, and interviews.

Navigating in the virtual world has been an obstacle for the dancer and choreographer. For her, dance is all about feeling, and when teaching, it's better when she is in the presence of her students, accurately correcting their movement and expression.

"So I structure the classes in such a way that they are learning and progressing. I don't particularly like it, but these situations just push you to do what you have to do," she said.

Whenever the opportunity arises, she teaches small classes so as to ensure social distancing and implements mask wearing as a mandatory protocol.

This life-changing process has pushed this entrepreneur to expand on her other talents in the beauty industry as a loctician and make-up artist.

"Is like the earth [is] replenishing, so I'm trying to adjust. It hasn't been bad, just a new learning experience."

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