Govana glad to see storytelling taking off

December 02, 2020
Professor Nuts
Professor Nuts

Dancehall artiste Govana said that he is happy that the storytelling technique is being embraced by more and more entertainers.

"Mi nuh own the style but mi revamp it in 2020, and it inspire a lot of artistes, and dem thing deh make me feel good because a dat me wah my work fi do. Fi know say mi a inspire so many people in a competitive space like dancehall, dat a speak volumes. It shows say mi a do the right," Govana said.

His recently released HAMANTS Convo Part 3 (season finale) is racing towards the one-million-view mark on YouTube. It has been sitting atop the local trending chart on YouTube since its release on Saturday, a feat Govana says he is very pleased about.

Storytelling technique

"Naturally, dat feel good. Fi know say Jamaica and the world accept it the way dem accept it," he told THE STAR.

Several artistes have been utilising the storytelling technique in recent times. They include Shenseea, with The Sidechick Song, Ding Dong, with Stray, and Denyque and Shaneil Muir's Same Guy.

In Convo part 3, Chris, the story's protagonist, tells Govana he heard rumours that the artiste stole Busy Signal's style.

Govana, responding to Chris, dismissed the arguments, telling him to 'leggo dat nuh Chris dawg, next topic'.

The One and Move deejay stressed that he was never the one to buy into 'mixup and controversy', adding that he always gave credit where it was due. He said he has always pointed to Professor Nuts as his inspiration for the Convo series, and says nothing has changed.

"Mi nuh really business 'bout the chatter enuh, because mi nuh into mixup and the bagga lou, lou, lou 'cause people a guh talk and probably a man feel a way say dem never get fi play the part of Chris, yuh zimme, and dem just venting," he said.

"Big up Spragga Benz because him did dweet wid Weh Yah Say Star. Big up Bling Dawg because him dweet, Papa San and Lady G also. Dis a nuh me first song weh me actually a hol' a conversation. The first song was a song on my mixtape about seven years ago, a song name Frass As Hell, and mi basically a talk inna it so mi been a do dis."

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