Jermaine Fagan sings about affairs of the heart

December 07, 2020
Jermaine Fagan
Jermaine Fagan

Dancehall artiste Jermaine Fagan sings about a relationship gone sour on his recently released single titled 30K Down.

The Portmore-born artiste, who lives in the US, says the song is based on a past experience.

"Sometimes you get into a relationship with great expectations and it just doesn't work out, no matter how hard you try. Most of the times, it doesn't work out because the other person doesn't have the same goals that you've got. Often times when that happens, you end up with a broken heart and a pile of bills. It's a sad reality, but all you can do is pick up the pieces, pay those bills and move on," said the artiste.

The unsuccessful relationship provided the inspiration for the song that was produced by Fagan and released on his Fagan Media imprint earlier this year.

"This song is proof that something good can come out of a bad experience. Since this song came out, it has been getting a lot of rotation in Jamaica and Stateside as well. It could end up being the biggest song of my career to date. I'm getting a lot of positive feedback about it," said Fagan.

Fagan is also promoting his third album, which is titled The Cool Prince. 30K Down is one of the featured tracks on the album.

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