Tara Tehrebel making moves to becoming a triple threat

April 01, 2021
Tara Tehrebel
Tara Tehrebel
Tara Tehrebel
Tara Tehrebel

Dancing sensation Tara Price has decided to branch out into the performing arts as a triple threat.

The seed was initially planted when she jumped at the opportunity to audition for The Lion King production. Price, who goes by the stage name Tara Tehrebel, was ecstatic when she was chosen for the company's United Kingdom tour. But due to the protocols, restrictions and the lockdown caused by the global pandemic, the tour was forced to close and Price returned home.

Return to her roots

Having been on tour for more than a year, engaging in vocal training, acting lessons and dance rehearsals before hitting the stage as a dancer, singer and actress, she was happy to return to her roots. The break so far has been spent catching up on quality time with her family and friends. But this didn't mean that the work was over. She knew that keeping her body in shape was imperative to her career.

"Initially, I was open to anything, just having come home and seeing what the market was like. So I was just observing and really trying to figure out what to do," she told Dancers' Paradise. It was only natural that if any dance gigs went her way, she would accept and entertain accordingly. She never imagined that she would be seeking vocal classes with local teachers and embracing acting opportunities in Jamaica. The aim is to become a triple threat in the performing arts industry.

"Having been exposed to The Lion King where you are a dancer, but you're asked, 'Can you act? Can you sing?' It puts things into perspective," she added. She always prided herself as an expressive and emotive performer, so this would complete her entertainment circle. Already, Price has started vocal training, unofficially, with professionals in the industry that she knows. She has also auditioned for drama openings where she shone her roles. "I've dabbled in that field a bit. I've gone to a few auditions. I even did a monologue," she highlighted, confessing the genre is much harder than it looks.

The Jamaica Film and TV Association (JAFTA) had a monologue workshop while running a campaign for a monologue competition. When she saw it, she gave it a try and today, Price stands as one of 20 actors shortlisted for the Jamaica Actors Monologue Slam Jams, a JAFTA initiative.

Additionally, she starred in the short film, Flawed Perfection, written and directed by Simon Mais. It explores the story of a woman who is a victim of abuse and sexual violence. To prepare for this role, Price drew from the experiences of those around her. Fortunately for her, she has no first-hand knowledge on the subject matter, but so deep was she in role-play that she found herself crying while filming on set. Her ultimate goal is to become a theatre practitioner.

"I don't know how good I will be in the other two arenas, but I'm willing to give it a shot, spread my wings and see where it takes me," she said. She is also open to the idea of hosting.

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