Jenieve Hibbert-Bailey covers modern gospel classic

April 06, 2021
Jenieve Hibbert-Bailey
Jenieve Hibbert-Bailey

Gospel singer Jenieve Hibbert-Bailey, the eldest daughter of the late reggae icon Toots Hibbert, has released a new single titled Most Beautiful.

The song is a remake of a popular gospel hit by Maverick City Music and Chandler Moore.

"It is an inspiration behind the reggae interpretation. I have been working with (producer) Leighton (Murray) for over a year and he suggested that I learn this song and come prepared to voice it. I had often listened to it but this time it was with new ears. This time it hit my spirit and I was excited at the thought of doing it over in reggae," she said. Hibbert-Bailey said that the original totally blessed her heart.

"I prayed 'Lord give me the anointing to express my heart to you with this song in this genre'. The Lord took over and the song came together with ease. When God orchestrates something He pulls it together and all we did was just allow Him to do what He wanted," she explained.

Recently, Hibbert-Bailey posted a video on her Instagram page toasting her father's second Grammy win. In the video, she thanked the fans for their undying love and support.

"People are really keen and they are watching because they love Daddy. There was a lot of feedback online and I feel great because I know my father was loved because he had a big heart and he loved the music. He loved Jamaicans and he loved music," she said.

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