Former Team Spice dancers get their own reality series

April 12, 2021
 Former Team Spice dancers, (from left): Pretty Pretty, TC and Dancing Rebel.
Former Team Spice dancers, (from left): Pretty Pretty, TC and Dancing Rebel.

Dancers Pretty Pretty, TC and Dancing Rebel can now add 'reality stars' to their resumes.

New Downsound Records (DSR) reality web series Dancehall Life, which features the trio, premiered yesterday on Kingston Signal's official YouTube channel. In the debut episode, viewers were introduced to the trio and got the chance to see them in their natural element. Their down-to-earth personalities won over the thousands that were tuned in as the comment section lit up.

In an interview with THE STAR, executive producer of the show and CEO of DSR, Joe Bogdanovich, said he and his team could not have picked a more suitable group of personalities to kickstart DSR's latest venture.

In their natural element

"The way we're working on this project, the way it's being produced and thought about, it's really abstract and all about seeing these ladies in their natural element. We didn't script any of it and so all that you're seeing is coming through because of great chemistry. The girls are just hilarious, they are super-talented and I'm happy we get to help them establish themselves even more," he said. Co-producer of the show, Ce'Cile, said that the dancers' bond is undeniable.

"So we really just allowed them to be themselves. We wanted their personalities to shine and so we didn't bound them by scripts or any of that. We plan activities of course but the end result, what you see in the final edit, is all them," she said.

Pointing to the show's title, Bogdanovich stressed that the series will encompass everything dancehall, including getting to know just why the women are so dedicated to their craft.

"It's going to be different from the usual things people expect to see when they think of dancehall. You will see the ladies as they are, dancers and complete entertainers. But you will also get to know who they really are and what makes them so dedicated to dancehall and dancehall culture," he said.

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