G Mac celebrates Sizzla collaboration

April 13, 2021
G Mac
G Mac

Dancehall/reggae artiste G Mac is celebrating the success of his latest single Love For Money, a collaborative effort between himself and Grammy-nominated reggae singer, Sizzla. The track, which was released last October, was prominently featured on Sizzla's latest album Million Times, which recently hit the number 14 spot on the prestigious Billboard Reggae chart.

G Mac, who was also the producer of the album, told THE STAR that being included on the project allowed him to taste Billboard success, both as an artiste and producer. The album also peaked at number one on Amazon and number three on the iTunes chart. G Mac, still overwhelmed at the success, said he is forever indebted to Sizzla "for giving me a chance to be a part of the project and I want fans to know that there will be many more to come".

Having double-dipped in the pool of success, G Mac encouraged his colleagues to dabble in as many aspects of the music business as possible.

"If you notice when the pandemic hit all live shows stopped... so the important thing is for artistes to strive to dabble into multiple streams of income. In this world we have to be marketable and versatile in every way and so I would encourage every artiste to learn how to produce, because that can allow you to save some money and achieve more economic advancement in the music industry. It's good to have a legacy to live off forever," he said.

G Mac also revealed that he recently launched his own music video production company and is set to release his solo album, The Legend, in the coming weeks.

The album will be produced by Italian Pablo Morelove. Although there is no set release date for the project, two singles have already been released, Love Your Life and Change. The entertainer is hoping to drop at least two more singles before releasing the entire compilation.

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