Bryka creates buzz with ‘Ups and Down’

April 14, 2021

Dancehall singjay Bryka recently released the title track for his upcoming album Ups and Down, accompanied by a music video.

The single was produced by Quantanium Records and Natural Cause Entertainment and is currently creating quite a buzz in the US and across the Caribbean, since its release on March 19.

"The reception has been very good so far because people are now seeing the value of conscious music. Lucky for me, I've always had conscious people's support but this time around more people are giving me a listening ear, and for that I am grateful," said Bryka. The official video was released on Bryka's Vevo channel and since then has been racking up views.

"This step was taken to give fans a first-hand sight of the video as the YouTube/Vevo platform is accessible worldwide," said Bryka. The artiste is very confident about this album because of the feedback.

"Based on the success of Ups and Down, I am eager to release this album and more content for my growing fan base," he said. Bryka's aim is to solidify himself as a household name in the music industry like his uncle, dancehall/reggae icon, Buju Banton.

"This will empower me to keep on spreading positive messages of upliftment to the world and my community," said Bryka.

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