Double Trouble - Flyght teams up with Lisa Hyper on new track

May 21, 2021
Lisa Hyper
Lisa Hyper

Dancehall artiste Flyght has joined forces with Lisa Hyper as he continued his quest to expand his fan base.

"I been writing a whole heap a songs and submitting them for playlists, and I have also been forging some musical connections, one is with Lisa Hyper. I have watched her from the whole Gaza time and I know she is a very talented artiste, so getting to work with her was a dream come true for me."

Flyght and Lisa Hyper's collaboration, Double Trouble, was released on Wednesday. He told THE WEEKEND STAR that already the feedback has been positive.

"People saying the song on fire, deejays a link me up fi di song, dem wah jingles, dubplates, it's a whole energy," he shared. "When yuh put in the work and see people a respond to it, it make me feel happy to do greater works. It can only get better from here."

Lisa Hyper told THE WEEKEND STAR that it was great working with Flyght, a former Magnum King of Dancehall winner.

"Flyght is a very lyrical artiste, very talented and so you can imagine the song is lyrically powerful, too. I respect him as an artiste and I love the song. Everybody know how my talent stay already, it speaks for itself, so I'm looking forward to what the song will do," she said.

Flyght says with plans to take his career on the international circuit, Double Trouble is just the beginning of what he has in store musically.

"This will be the year me cement mi self in a whole heap more things than just dancehall. I am going to cement myself in the world of music because music is bigger than just the Jamaican circle," he said. "Mi wah take my thing pan the level a weh mi see Shaggy, Sean Paul and dem man deh take it. A dem kinda reach deh I want. Grammy and dem thing deh."

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