G-Terra drops video for ‘Organic’

June 01, 2021

Recording artiste G-Terra has dropped the official visuals for his single, Organic.

"It's all about things that are real and natural in every way, from the food, herbs, juice, to people's relations; it should all be organic and real," the artiste explained.

Filmed as a mini movie, the music video was shot by SwagTVJa in locations across Spanish Town and Portmore in St Catherine, and Kingston. It tells the story of a delivery gone wrong and the ensuing chase to find the perpetrator. Since its release on May 14, the video has been receiving rave reviews.

G-Terra, who hails from Spanish Town, grew up in music with his mother regularly playing classics from artistes like Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Lionel Richie and Al Green. It wasn't until he was 14 that he decided to take the profession seriously.

"I'm internationally known and spreading across the globe musically, especially in Ghana, Canada, UK and the USA. I'm known and considered as one of the most diverse artistes to ever do music, as I dive into so many genres and merge many different sounds to create a fresh new vibe," he said. Keeping the momentum going, the artiste is working on new projects including a new album ClockWork 3 Fully Loaded.

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