Senior cop warns partygoers

August 13, 2021
 Senior Superintendent Steve McGregor
Senior Superintendent Steve McGregor

Senior Superintendent of Police Steve McGregor, who heads operations of the Area Four police, is appealing to persons to resist the temptation to keep parties as entertainment events are currently prohibited.

McGregor's warning comes after the emergence of a video showing persons, seemingly at an illegal party, hiding behind a fence as a mobile police unit passed by.

"I want to make an appeal to persons as the operations officer for all of the Corporate Area not to keep any function because you will be doing this illegally and the police have been tasked to go around and check on these things at different times and people would be prosecuted," said McGregor.

Little more than a month after the entertainment sector was reopened, it was ordered closed again to help the country navigate the third wave of the virus.

"There is no permission being given across the Area Four space for any party, anywhere. So anybody who attempts or holds any party, it would be illegal. The prime minister and the appropriate minister have said it," he said.

"There is no assurance, no police officer has that authority. Under normal settings, it is the superintendent for the division who signs a permit. This is under normal settings. But ... right now the prime minister has said that no permits for all parties."

Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced the pulling of the plug during a COVID-19 press conference on Monday.

"No small or large events, for example concert, parties, tailgate parties, round robins will be permitted," Holness said.

"Events will be strictly prohibited. No permits will be given for any event and all events that are kept illegally will be closed by the police. I met with the Commissioner of Police last night (Sunday) for three hours going through a variety of things and one of them is the strict enforcement of these measures," the prime minister added.

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