D’Angel wants to give Mr Pint a beautiful home

September 27, 2021

Dancehall artiste D'Angel is seeking help to build a house for a 78-year-old man whom she calls Mr Pint.

D'Angel, whose given name Michelle Downer, is seeking to construct a home for Pint, valued at $1 million to improve his current living conditions. She said that he lives in a dilapidated house in Rivoli, St Catherine.

Pint now benefits from philanthropic efforts through her Angel's Foundation, but she saw it fit to do more for the elderly man after observing his home earlier this year.

"When I visited Mr Pint's home for the first time, I was shocked to see the condition he lives in, but yet he still manages to maintain a bubbly and happy personality. I always give him his care package at the front of the house, so that day when I decided to go a bit closer and look, I know that he deserved more than this," D'Angel said.

Grim reality

In a video posted on her social media page, the grim reality was captured of the living condition of the elderly man who lives alone.

Rubble loitered at his doorway and he is aided by a derelict walker. To enter his bedroom, a sheet of zinc serves as the divider from insects, rain and intruders. The room is lit by a single bulb that hangs over a one-burner table-top stove. Pots, pans, cups and other kitchen utensils fit tightly in the room with his bed and a radio.

The entertainer revealed that she had raised $200,000 of her goal and needs assistance in securing additional funding.

"I grew up in the same community that Mr Pint's lives in Rivoli, Spanish Town. Where Mr Pint presently lives can collapse any given day now, so my sister, Jacqueline Henry, identified a better structure that she owns close by that would take less time and work to finish, so that Mr Pint's can move in quickly. We are trying our best with the little resources that we have to complete this project. I'm committed to go all out to raise the needed funds as I made a promise to Mr Pint that I will build him a beautiful home," she told THE STAR.

Donations towards the building of a house for Mr Pint may be made via:

Cash app: $2006MD

Zelle: angelsproduction@gmail.com

Paypal: angelsproduction@gmail.com

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