Richie Stephens contemplating lawsuit after assault accusations

October 04, 2021
Richie Stephens
Richie Stephens

Attorney for reggae-soul singer Richie Stephens, Christopher Townsend, said they are not ruling out a lawsuit against an Asian woman who has rehashed allegations that Stephens sexually assaulted her.

Last Friday, beatboxer, entrepreneur and former soldier in the Singapore Armed Forces Elaine Lim said she did not receive justice in Australia after filing reports against Stephens for sexual assault in 2019. Speaking to THE STAR, Townsend said "No plans for a suit yet. It may not be necessary because truly a suit like that may not be useful."

"Whether or not we are going full blown we don't know yet but certainly he has asked us to position ourselves for one, just in case he makes the decision to file suit."

Townsend noted that Stephens was already the subject of a criminal investigation in Australia in 2019.

"He (Stephens) has said the allegations were false but separate and apart from that the investigation has borne out that the allegations were untrue (so) the investigation has corroborated what he has been saying," Townsend added.

At the time of the alleged incident, the veteran crooner, given name Richie Stephenson, was on the Australian-leg of the Jamaican Flava Tour to promote the single Jamaican Flava which he recorded with Masia One, a Singaporean-Canadian artiste.

Townsend explained that if a case was to be opened, other methods such as lie detector tests on both parties could be employed.

"I don't even know if you need lie detector tests because the investigation was conducted in Australia, a first-world country, with first-world technology, this is not a third-world country where we only rely on statements. This is a more technologically advanced state with all that at their disposal," he said. "And after the investigation they gave him back everything and said you can go home, this is not credible."

In a public statement made by Stephens via an Instagram post, he shared that when he was detained, statements were taken from him and other persons who were on tour. But Townsend said that "It would be unfair of my client to bring other persons into this debacle whose names have not been called. The police in Australia have the names and their statements."

Last Friday, Lim, who goes by the moniker General Ling, uploaded a video to her YouTube channel claiming that the Weakness for Sweetness artiste had assaulted her. The video has garnered more than 30,000 views. She also shared a copy of the report made to the Australian police which gave a brief summary of the incident as 'sexual offence'.

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