Errol Dunkley considers taking the jab

October 25, 2021
Errol Dunkley
Errol Dunkley

Veteran singer Errol Dunkley says that he is open to taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

"I have a six-month tour coming up in March with the Dub Natty Session band," 70-year-old Dunkley told THE STAR.

"They wanted me to come now, but I said, 'No, I'm gonna watch what is happening'. I'd just have to tek a jook and move on. That's where it's at with me."

Dub Natty Session is a UK-based band that is helping him to promote his 2020 Kool Runnings album. The tour will cover the US, Canada, Europe and South America.

"I even got offered a show in Washington for January but I said I'm not quite sure if I'm gonna take that trip cause that's just a one-off show. So I think I'll wait on March when I have more work."

Countries such as the United States and Canada have announced policies that require foreign nationals travelling to demonstrate proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 as a prerequisite to entry.

The Black Cinderella singer has been staying afloat, thanks to an influx of dubplate work.

"I've never sang so much dubplates before this pandemic happened, that's what I'm living off right now," he shared. "Every day or every other day I'm at the studio, and some of the times I'll do 10 or six specials. At the moment, I'm cool, I'm earning. Work a gwaan so I give God thanks."

With his busy studio schedule, he is even more keen on maintaining proper health.

"I love to cook 'cause I don't like the restaurant food and I'm a person who don't eat red meat, just fish. I am early to bed and early to rise and I say my prayer in the morning time. I thank God I'm in perfect health; all I do is eat and sleep and drink and smoke."

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