Bramma back in studio after COVID-19 illness

October 27, 2021

Dancehall artiste Bramma is back in the studio after COVID-19 illness forced him to take a hiatus.

The singjay told THE STAR that he tested positive for the virus following the release of his Rugged & Deadly album in September 2020.

"I still don't feel like mi fully recover from COVID," Bramma said. "It's been a year now and mi honestly don't feel like myself. I got really sick so it's been like two weeks now since mi start go back to gym and probably three weeks since mi start go studio. It was a time of reflecting so you could say it's like a reinvention of myself right now."

Skeleton is the single that marks his return. Produced by Emudio Records, the rifle-parading lyrics contrast his album which carries a reggae format, but Bramma doesn't want to be creatively stifled.

"I feel music is my expression and I don't want anybody to put me in one box; mi do music and music is a universal language," he said. "Yes, mi seh mi a do some reggae music because at the end of the day, it's music, and that's how I was feeling at the time. Since mi do reggae mi realise seh mi dancehall fans inna mi DM asking for a dancehall track so I have to cater to different fans. When mi go to the 15-year-old youth, dem tell mi dem waan hear a certain type of music. When mi go pon tour, for instance, Europe, dem interested in the reggae side and slower songs so I just want to be a chameleon in the industry."

During his break, Rugged & Deadly earned favourable reviews from sites like Reggaeville, and the music video for the track Big Chune (Remix) featuring Freddie McGregor earned rotation on BET Jams. Riddim Force Records produced the set and Bramma said he has new music to be released by the label, as well as from Emudio Records, Echo One Music and his own GGOD imprint.

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