Queenie to lay daughter to rest on November 16

November 02, 2021
Queenie Lady Gangsta (left) and daughter, Sunitha Lamey.
Queenie Lady Gangsta (left) and daughter, Sunitha Lamey.

The funeral for dancehall singjay Queenie Ladi Gangsta's firstborn, Sunitha 'Rushel' Lamey, is set for November 16 at Sterling Way, London.

Lamey passed away earlier this month from complications related to womb cancer.

"Rushel wasn't just my daughter, she was my best friend, advisor, secretary, assistant and manager..." Queenie told THE STAR. "I've been coping by the Grace of Almighty God and faith and the fact that mi know that death is the only guarantee for us... I try to balance the negative with the positive. I get a lot of support from family, loved ones and the nation... ."

Lamey's "all-white" funeral will be live-streamed on social media, as was her nine night three weeks ago.

"Rushel have people a Jamaica, Canada, America, the Caribbean, and then the support of the 'Royal Crazies' is far so we gotta do a live streaming and rest her soul in peace," Queenie said. "She died at 33 and three a mi lucky number so I look at it as a good sign. We a go release 33 white doves for her so it's gonna be heaven-sent and her coffin name 'heaven white'. She have her prayer book where she write her notes and she seh she waan get buried in all white."

In the midst of her mourning, Queenie's Instagram account was hacked and stolen. She has since created a new page and is embracing a new perspective through her daughter's passing.

"Dem take away mi 240,000 followers but it make mi smile cause if mi can lose mi daughter, anything can lose," she reasoned. "All the work weh mi put in all these years, that support weh mi receive from the nation, people help mi cry and mourn and grieve. Mi page was a good place fi go and express myself and get the support but it's new beginnings. I've got life and I'm here to tell the tale, so I'm just hanging on."

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