‘Top Girl’ Amanyea makes hot moves with LA LA challenge

November 05, 2021

Recording artiste Amanyea is continuing on her Top Girl trend with her new single LA LA.

Taking a festive approach to the track, she created a namesake dance challenge, honouring the mesmerising rhythm and pulsating beats.

The challenge was inspired by the natural desire to get the people moving now that the world is slowly reopening its doors after months of COVID-19 lockdowns.

The mission was to explore the song's rich and modern sound, packaged with moves that test persons' creativity and agility. Amanyea, who has also been a dancer for many years, understood the assignment with LA LA.

"For the song itself, Koastal Kings made the beat with a 'twerk Megan Thee Stallion vibe', so when I wrote the song, I wanted the melody to feel like a dance," she told Dancers' Paradise, tapping into her inner Ginger Jones to complete the single's 'twerkable' and bubbling vibe.

She played with the idea of promoting the track and even showcased some of her talent for movement in short videos. She knew, however, that she wanted to take it a step further, so she came up with the LA LA dance challenge. The first and only person on her list to ignite this fiery challenge was a female dancer who goes by the name Happy Feet.

"[She] is a beautiful, energetic and precise dancer. Her choreography shows that even more; people love it. The feedback so far has been great, always commenting with the fire emojis," said Amanyea.

It's still early days so the dancers are taking their time to learn the intricate choreography. Amanyea plans to post a tutorial soon to break down the routine. And in true top girl fashion, she also teamed up with her favourite store Urbana Stryd to add a stylish giveaway element in the mix.

"I just want everyone to have as much fun as I did creating this song and for more people to get to know me and my music," she added.

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