TeeJay aims for crossover success

November 11, 2021

Dancehall star TeeJay is focused on his goal of being a crossover act, and by all indications, he's on the right path.

"It's really mainstream audiences who buy music," he told THE STAR. "Dem like we culture so a nuh like TeeJay is going to America, Japan, Africa, Europe or any other place and trying to change his style. I'm bringing our dancehall culture directly so the main focus right now is to cross over."

The singer recently performed at the Verzuz ICONZ concert held at the Barclays Center in New York. The Verzuz-Triller event saw Super Cat as the headline act, but TeeJay was a clear standout, transforming the crowd into his very own 'Uptop Camp' choir.

"It was a legendary moment for me," TeeJay said. "Mi feel like a icon at the time fi know that we put in the work over these years and it finally feel like it a pay off. A nuh like seh we reach but it was a wonderful feeling, a great, great, great, feeling and I'm very grateful for the opportunity."

"It's a dancehall thing so you know from you go dancehall yuh haffi have TeeJay pon it. Also the work of Solid Agency's Sharon Burke, you know the system. Good management and everything," he added. The Montegonian added Escobar to his catalogue yesterday, another motivational anthem for youth.

'Mi just a sing wah mi know woulda motivate the ghetto youth dem because remember I'm a ghetto youth myself so mi cya forget weh mi a come from," he shared. "Every youth fi rich so a dat alone mi a pree fi every youth right now and from yuh seh yuh waan rich, yuh waan rich like [Pablo] Escobar as a ghetto youth."

The themes of making money and investments also appear in his prior release Bitcoin. With regards to the song, TeeJay said "Yuh haffi send out positive things so blessings can follow you."

The track is expected to appear on his debut album Rags to Riches. The project is being primarily produced by his label Top Braff Music and is scheduled for release in 2022.

"I know this album is going to be a powerful album," he said. "It's going to show a lot of growth in TeeJay's career, talent, everything. It's going to show a different level of diversification of everything weh we a try fi do from the beginning and now it's like we paint a picture and here it is. It'll be something you won't forget."

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