Ziddy ventures into music

November 12, 2021

Social media sensation Ziddy has added recording artiste to his resume as he is currently promoting his debut single Wine Up Yuhself, produced by Fe2 Music.

"This is my first time singing a song and people love the song and the energy, and they think I have a great voice," Ziddy told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The track, written by the MSQ Entertainment, has garnered more than 60,000 YouTube streams since its release on October 31. To boost promotion for the song, he is currently hosting a two-week online challenge which will see the contestant with the most likes winning US$300.

Ziddy's music venture comes as a surprise to some social media users who can't seem to put a handle on his occupation. Ziddy, whose given name is Ziddon DeZouza, came to prominence through clap-back videos at people who teased his brain and heart conditions. He has since branched out into event promotion and dancing, but was also recently spotted being a bus conductor. Ziddy told THE WEEKEND STAR that he is not putting all his eggs in one basket.

"People take notice of how I am not in something a 100 per cent," he said. "I love music because I want to be a singer and a deejay. I like to enjoy myself and make fun for people. People like to see me all over the place, dancing to certain kinds of music with drama. I just want to entertain people."

He is, however, serious about a music career. His manager, Kemar 'Medz Hardy' Mairs, said music was always on the agenda.

"We weren't really on it because we were just more focusing on doing videos that make people laugh, but we see that he got love for the music so we said let's try something new because everything else is working. So said, so done, and the rest is history. We're just open for more blessings. We have more work to come so we just want the people to continue love him, watch him, enjoy him and when dem deh round him, just show him love," he said.

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