Jaylaa sings for a change with ‘Jamaica Cry’

December 23, 2021

Believing that it's time for a change, recording artiste Jaylaa is using her voice to send this strong message to the nation in her new track, Jamaica Cry.

The songs comes as a social commentary aimed at putting a stop to the crime and violence plaguing the streets of Jamaica.

" Jamaica Cry is needed at this time because it covers all the issues that Jamaicans are facing. I realised that I have to use my voice to address those topics and hope for a change in our beautiful country," said Jaylaa, whose given name is Janessia Harris.

Growing up, music had always been the happy place for the young artiste, as she explored different melodies and harmonies on her own. It wasn't long before she discovered that this would be her calling. Her professional journey officially began in 2018, and she learned early on that the entertainment industry isn't a bed of roses. After a potential deal with a record label didn't materialise, undeterred, Jaylaa found herself one day in the company of music professional Nashie, who saw her talent and asked if she could collaborate with him on a track called Bring Your Body. The song did so well that Nashie soon became her manager.

"He has been playing many roles in my musical career. Music is hard, especially for females, but he showed me that he is trustworthy and so far, we are doing well," she said.

Delivering a fresh and unique sound to dancehall, Jaylaa ties in an element of versatility with her golden vocals, proving that she is in the game to win.

The volatile state of the island is always cause for concern, but one discussion sparked an ingenious idea to create a song about the topic. Jaylaa and Nashie reached out to Jaylaa's friend, fellow female artiste DJ Whitey, for the creative collaboration and she was excited to be a part of this pioneering project.

With the two powerful female voices, the hope was to bring across an important message for the masses to hear; they believe it's mission accomplished.

"We went all the way to St Thomas, where DJ Whitey lives, then we started voicing the song on the spot. It was really exciting recording Jamaica Cry," Jaylaa said.

Produced by Nashie, the song boasts a very revealing visual component which was filmed in the May Pen Market in Clarendon. "We wanted to show the people what is actually going on in the streets," Jaylaa said.

Since its release a month ago, the video has been racking up the views and comments on YouTube. Fans are impressed by the perfect depiction of reality, the smooth melody and, of course, the message.

"The feedback from the public has been great. I will be walking and people are like, 'Are you Jaylaa? The song is really touching.' Some people send me direct messages, saying it made them cry," the artiste added.

With hopes of becoming one of the big names in reggae and dancehall music, the 20-year-old's wish is that every Jamaican, whether from 'yard or abroad', will spread the message that the time for change is now. "We need a safe place for children, where everyone can prosper and take care of their family," she said.

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