Iyara and Turbulence collaborate on ‘Braveheart’

January 13, 2022

Dancehall artiste Iyara is ecstatic about the early feedback to his latest single, Braveheart, featuring reggae-dancehall singer Turbulence.

The single is centred around the concept of bravery in the face of insurmountable odds, and the courage needed to overcome poverty and personal betrayals to seek success.

"I had the song about four years, but I had been listening to it and felt if I did it with a different artiste, then it would enhance and make it better. Me and Turbulence link up. I am a Portland youth, but mi live ah Whitehall, grow ah Whitehall. Turbulence is a Whitehall youth, from Kingston 8, so you know how that go," Iyara explained. "We have a street relationship from long time. So when he heard the song him say, 'Deejay, is a hit; mi ah go fix this the real way,' and Turbulence just hammer it. The singer put out his real strength. Yu can hear the full love."

The single will be released on January 28 on the Bellevue Entertainment label along with visuals. Turbulence, who has had hits such as Notorious, which landed him firmly on the international scene, is also known for songs such as Natty Pon Her Frontline and We Got the Love. He believes that Braveheart has the potential to become a major hit.

"Iyara is a terrific artiste, and we ah braveheart; we don't business about bad mind, or betrayal. We ah braveheart, so we created the concept and we executed. I am pleased with it, the song sweet, the vibes up, and mi feel is a bona fide hit," Turbulence said.

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