Kardiak finds hit with ‘Raki Tilly Bruk’

September 12, 2022

In 2006, while most preteens were preparing to make the daunting transition from primary education to secondary institutions, Jamoi Brown was dreaming up his career as a recording artiste.

Now 28, Brown goes by the stage name 'Kardiak' and is finding success through his viral hit Raki Tilly Bruk. He first debuted the single on the OTP TikTok channel, a page that specialises in showcasing young Jamaican talent.

"A just mi chargie link me and mek me know seh 'bududups', so me just pop up. Dem [OTP] naturally have a good vibe, so when them forward and say drop it, me ready," he said. The video now has more than 46,000 views across both TikTok and Instagram.

"Is a great feeling weh me can't explain right now but it's great. We been putting in the work so fi finally get a highlight a just more motivation that fi continue fi we reach pon the platform them weh me really wah get to," he said.

Born and raised in Sturge Town, St Ann, Kardiak said his love of music started when he began writing songs in grade three.

"I've been doing music since basic school. I sang a song for my graduation. From that day till today I just knew it was music. After me perform and everybody a cheer, a that highlight me. It open me eyes to the passion. I never stopped [writing]. Whether it was war clash, dancing, cultural beat, whatever emotion me inna, me used to just write," he said.

His first real experience as an artiste started in grade six when he would pop up at events and beg to showcase his skills.

"You know the crowd love you so you get a work and you get a one booking," he said. Though primarily a dancehall artiste, Kardiak said that he can tap into any genre.

"Kardiak is one of the words weh define me because me do my music from my heart, from my emotions and feelings, the experiences weh me have and things we me see. Dancehall is my main aim. That's where the most love is, but gimme any beat or any genre and mi fit miself into it cause is music overall. Mi do all a likkle bit of gospel, a likkle bit of this, a likkle bit of that," he said.

Brown told THE STAR that he has had many challenges in his career, including disloyalty.

"People change and turn on you quick and fast. When things up, circle big. But when things down, circle small. So me get fi learn from that. Is many days me cyah find fare fi go a studio from mi yard. A nuff night mi walk go home too. People wouldn't believe a nuff truck back inna hours a night, both from Kingston to St Ann," he said. But he said that he is not quitting.

"A mi dream this, mi nuh think me a go ever find passion fi something else like this," he said. Kardiak said that he is also putting together an album.

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