Angel Doolas preparing for impending surgery

November 07, 2022
Angel Doolas
Angel Doolas

Grammy Award-winning songwriter and recording artiste Angel Doolas is preparing himself physically and mentally for arthrocentesis surgery to correct an existing knee problem.

On the weekend, the entertainer shared via social media that he was in an emergency room and urged followers to take care of themselves. He called his ordeal "a slight setback" and also said that "in the blink of an eye things can go from great to disastrous".

Speaking to THE STAR, Angel Doolas explained that being mentally ready and also going into surgery with a positive attitude is most important for anybody.

"This is a knee problem that needs urgent attention. Of course, I'm feeling anxious not because I anticipate any problematic results but this is my first major surgery. There's a lot of liquid behind the kneecap. I'm not sure what is the primary cause, but I guess not being careful over the years and it show itself recently when I was lifting some heavy weight," he said.

"I'm looking forward to it with optimism for complete recovery. It will take about two weeks with pharmaceuticals and I was told I'll need some physiotherapy," Angel Doolas continued.

Currently in the United States, he is still in pursuit of a dream to become a globally recognised figure in the music industry. Angel Doolas is credited for work on Damian Marley's Grammy Award-winning Stony Hill album and has been working with the reggae artiste's Ghetto Youths International label.

Angel Doolas said, "Working with the label has been productive. We're trying to get my debut album going through Ghetto Youths as well. I'm still writing for Damian Marley and presently waiting for him to call me back about some tracks. But he is very peculiar in terms of everything is about timing. I continue to write for other artistes too, never stopped writing for other acts, could be better but I'm not complaining."

The debut album which comprised 12 tracks has been long overdue he said, but he has also adopted a 'right-place-right time' mentality. Angel Doolas has his heart set on releasing the project in summer 2023.

"It's a project that focuses on those harsh reality topics that the industry doesn't or hasn't been playing around with. The timing is near. I want to speak to the youngsters, advise them, to pay attention to how they are living. I know it may go into one ear and through the other, but being a Jamaican, or part of the diaspora community, we are feeling the negative effects of all that's happening in our country," he said.

Angel Doolas said that returning home before the year ends is not on his primary list of priorities.

"My visit will be a spontaneous one. We (referring to his wife) just celebrated our one-year anniversary and have other plans and priorities," Angel Doolas said.

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