Elephant Man wants happy songs back in dancehall

November 11, 2022
Elephant Man
Elephant Man

Elephant Man wants to see happy music return to the dancehall forum, particularly as the genre continues to be blamed partially for the crime and violence that is plaguing society.

"Di people blaming the music, we blaming the prime minister and the Government, and is just one big blame gaming a gwan. So hear wah, mek wi put in some work and bring back some happy music to the thing weh people can dance and feel uplifted," said the aggrieved 'Energy God'.

Elephant Man has also argued that singling out dancehall was unfair if the same assessment was not done on action movies that involves killing.

"It's like everybody just stress out, nobody has a real solution to the crime and violence so everybody a point fingers. Yuh know like how when yah pickney and yuh hear, 'a him lick yuh, a him lick yuh?', is like that. Everybody just a throw di problem pon everybody. But the music alone no have nothing fi do with it, music shall live. This a gwan before the music. Memba when wi a likkle youth, di ghetto youth dem used to watch the movie name Killer. The Killer was a Japan movie, an action movie, serial movie and every youth inna di ghetto a say 'raaee'," he said.

As a measure to control the influx of lewd music flooding mainstream media, the Broadcasting Commission in October placed a ban on music that contained gun lyrics and endorses scamming and Molly. The Pon Di River deejay said that the move could potentially bring a change in the lyrics being produced.

"At the end of the day wi affi look pon di music weh wi a deliver, the music need to get back happy. It wah some song weh di people dem can tek some stress offa dem mind. When yuh hear some songs, yuh no wah hear bout no gun, no badness. Yuh just wah party, have fun, dance and just know say yah play dem inna yuh car, something weh can uplift yuh and dem thing deh. We wah back some a dem riddim deh weh a give yuh di energy. A dat me deh pon right now," he said.

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