Amoui Skyy sees her name in lights

December 22, 2022
Amoui Skyy

Amoui Skyy has already cut her teeth working behind the scenes, adding harmonies to tracks for established acts like I-Wayne, who she’s dedicated more than a decade to performing as a background singer.

Now, she’s ready to step out as a full-fledged solo singer and songwriter with expressive pop-R&B that brims with personality. Growing up in the US, Amoui Skyy dined on a musical buffet of pop, R&B and soul music, but she has the benefit of being exposed to the records of her brother – dancehall veteran Mad Cobra. In her own music, all these threads knit together into a contemporary mix of genres.

“It’s a little bit of how I was raised, and a lot of what I naturally gravitated to over the years. Going to high school in the US, I was part of the Rihanna and Beyoncé era and I was exposed to that a lot more than dancehall or reggae music,” she told THE STAR.

“Still, leaving the island was never a choice of mine. As a lover of the island, I never left my Jamaicanness and couldn’t wait to come out of college and be back home,” the up-and-coming singer-songwriter continued.

Amoui Skyy, 31, after living in the US for the better part of 12 years, returned to Portmore, St Catherine, and started to create a path in the music industry. Some persons will remember her face from the 2015 edition of Digicel Rising Stars competition, where she was the wildcard of most-feared judge Anthony Miller. Following her stint there, she participated in an all-island road tour with the likes of dancehall divas Tifa and D’Angel, and was also part of the production for a Boom Energy Drink promotional song in 2017. She successfully completed studies in media and communications. She also started law school, but decided to return home.

“I could be there, but choose to be here. I travel back and forth and do wish to finish up law school, but I’m investing in my talent. So far I see where it has reaped rewards, and I see big things happening in the future,” she said. “In five years, I see myself securing a great distribution deal from an international label, because I’ve already knocked things out the park by signing with an amazing management company, Caliber Muzic.”

One of her first singles, titled Sexy Hardcore, had more of a dancehall flavour and was produced on her brother’s Brixton Music Group label. But they have yet to release a full-blown collaboration that features their voices. Her latest song, Heartbreaker, which she claims as her official solo debut, is still up-tempo, but on the softer, pop side of music.

“It’s definitely different from what persons here are used to, but relatable. So far, feedback has been good and people appreciate it. I can only hope that my love of my people and country translates through the music I’m putting out there, because I want to make it here, likewise abroad. When my brother and I collab, people will love it just to see a whole different side of both of us. He’s more hardcore than I am, but there’s a side people have yet to experience; and I think persons like what I’m giving because they can still hear the Patois mixed in, too,” Amoui Skyy said.

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