Macka Diamond celebrates a decade of ‘Dye Dye’

January 10, 2023
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond

It's been nearly a decade since dancehall sensation Macka Diamond released her hit Dye Dye and she is reflecting on how it has survived the changing moods and eras of the genre.

The song was produced by Lockecity Music Group and Truckback Records and first released in February 2013; a Spanish version was released later that year.

"The moment the producer came to me and say, 'Sing die die, die die die' me say 'No man, this sound like dah love-making yah dead" Macka Diamond said, as she laughed about the catchy hook of her song.

She continued, "The entire production process was just interesting at the time. Steve and Adrian [Locke] who run the labels had invited me to the studio and we were hanging out as the rhythm was being made and just a hol' a vibe to the music. At that time too, I had Team Macka Diamond with my dancers [so] we were all just there and it became interesting as me and the producers bounced lyrics off each other."

Macka Diamond shared with THE STAR that at one point she never knew if Dye Dye would live passed the studio session.

"Adrian comforted me by saying that we woulda find it. Nah lie, the session did start get nice and when I decided to add, ' di wuk a sweet me...woiiieee...' everybody a say 'Dat bad Macka We felt it the moment it was recorded, we knew it was going to be a hit and everything fell right into place," she said.

It was not until she went to Uptown Mondays soon after its release that she realised the crowd reaction was all-positive for the sexually-charged single.

"The people were screaming and dancing inside the party. It is the first I ever released a song and the people reacted that way in the dance and I still feel it after 10 years. I feel good to know it's still playing in the dancehall, locally and internationally and getting streamed now on Spotify, over four million streams and I believe it is one that will be hitting for years to come," she said.

Her singles Bun Him and Done Already also surprised her in a similar way, she said. A staple in the dancehall, Macka Diamond, will celebrate her 52nd birthday on Thursday (January 12) and asserted that "time waits on no woman", so she is not procrastinating any more on her Diamond in the Rough EP.

"I'm focusing on bringing the true me to the project, along with some collabs. With that I must say I'm not trying to compete with the current generation. They push what they want to, any change that happens will have to come from them. I can only try to be the best me and put out what I think my listeners and dancehall lovers worldwide will love," Macka Diamond said.

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