December 07, 2018
Kenyon Hemons photo Yuri Higashiho relaxes aboard the Royal Caribbean as she enjoys the Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise 2018. The reggae cruise, which is in its fifth year, took place on the high seas from December 1-6.

The third renewal of Portland Paradise Weekend is taking place this weekend, and organisers are convinced that patrons will be in for a treat. The three-day event offers five parties: Fire & Ice, Sun Break Pool Party, Infusion Dancehall, Frosted All-White Beach Bliss and Revel After Drink Frosted Party.

"This event has grown tremendously," said Eunice Rashford, president of Portland Paradise Weekend.

"We are offering a much-improved package, which we know is far too tempting for anyone to resist.

"The three-day event kicks off on December 7 with a welcome party on the decks of the Errol Flynn marina, where persons can network and have fun, and just to meet and greet. On the morning of December 8, we move to Somerset Falls, where we have 'Sun Break', which is an all-inclusive event. Persons will be able to climb the falls and enjoy boat rides," said Rashford.

According to Rashford, the event heats up with the staging of a massive stage show on the night of Saturday, December 8, at Island View Lawn at First and Last, featuring D'Angel, John Bling, Wally British, Cyclone, and Shawna Chin. Sunday will see the staging of a premium all-white party, dubbed Frosted, at Errol Flynn Marina Beach.

"The three days of events climaxes with a after-party at Crystal Nightclub. Frosted will begin at 1 p.m. and ends at 8 p.m., but the feedback that we are getting [from last year] is that after Frosted, the people are forced to head back to their hotel, as there is nowhere else to go. This year we will have an after-party to fill that void," Rashford said.

FRI, December 7

Kingston and St Andrew

Jackie from Yaad Clothes Promotion and Jah Mikes Virgo from Kingston Wharves, in association with Big People Thursday, present her Cook-Out and Round Robin at Great Georges Lane, below the police station. Ticket: $1,200.

Abba Presents Great Man always aguh get a fight fish Fry and birthday party at Shoppy Car Wash, Stony Hill. Music by K9, Tony Pele Hype, Breddie Hype and Killa Mix. Ticket: $1,200.

SAT, December 8

St Elizabeth

Pencil for Kids, in association with Safire Music and Ikaana, presents their annual Where I'm From charity event at Quickstep Primary School. Music by Redd heat, Bass Odyssey, Simple Touch and Steppaz Movement. Live performances by Vershon, Little John and Yanique Di Curvy Diva. Hosted by Zeco Mr CBRS. Admission: $500.

Kingston & St Andrew

Xpressionz a tribute to an expressive god, The Love Story Edition at Campion College Auditorium, 105 Hope Road, Kingston. Music by limitless production and J1Band. Admission: $,1000.

Immaculate Conception High School presents Di Iconic Tropics from noon until 10 p.m. on the school grounds, 152C Constant Spring Road. Featuring artistes Tifa, Wayne Marshall and Dre Island. Music by Renaissance Disco, DJ Tyler, DJ Kryptic, and DJ Russ Buss from Coppershot. Attractions include dunk tank, bounce-about and mechanical bull. Admission: $700 before 5 p.m.; $1,000 after.

The road to Jamaica carnival 2019 kicks off with the Revolt Launch Party at Rebellion Yard, beside Emancipation Park. Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez, Bunji Garlin will be presenting their revolutionary costumes and more. Admission: Ladies free before 10 p.m.; pre-sold tickets: $2,500, and $3,000 at the gate.

Chi Ching Ching and Jahmiel will be the guest artistes at Holy Childhood High PTA BBQ at Mas Camp, National Stadium. The event is to be hosted by Prince Pine. Admission: $2,000.

SUN, December 9

St Catherine

CDCR: Pon Di Riva will be held at Tru-Juice River in Bog Walk. It will include an off-roading auto show, as well as an exciting after-party that will be hosted by Presley Hype and Johnny Kool.

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