October 23, 2015
Leroy Sibbles
Ninja Man

ARIES (Mar 21 - Apr. 20)

Your most decisive planets strike at the very summit of your solar chart, challenging you to achieve your ambitions, using not one hundred percent effort, but something like a hundred and ten percent! If you experience a setback, it's a message to change your direction, especially if a romantic partner is involved.

TAURUS (Apr. 21 - May 21)

You have probably been through enough, but there are still some choices to be made and

22 - Joseph Hill, Sidney Wolfe

24 - Ninjaman (Desmond John Ballentine) DJ y.o.b. 1966; Herro Verne Blair (religious minister)

y.o.b 1946; Franciose St. Juste

26 - Wolde Harris y.o.b. 1974 footballer reggae boy; Paul Newman ACTOR y.o.b

1925; Eartha Kitt (actress/singer) y.o.b. 1928

29 - Leroy Sibbles (singer); Harry T; Peter Lloyd ACTOR/SINGER; Andy Roberts (West

Indies cricketer) y.o.b. 1951

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