Predictions: Demonic illness caused swollen foot


October 29, 2015

The right foot of a gentleman from St Thomas was swelling daily. His foot started to resemble that of a frog. He had to be using salt and hot water three times daily to lessen the pain and swelling. By the time he came to see me, his nickname was already Frog Foot.

Well after an immediate interview, I realised this man was running from the last opinion of several doctors and community members cutting off this foot. I started this healing by gathering nine different herbal bushes, drying them, then boiling them to create a bath for this foot and some for drinking.

I recommended that he visit the bath fountain in his parish, nine mornings straight, before the sunrise, to bathe. I then told him specific Psalms to read every morning after bathing at the bath fountain and gave him three bottles of consecrated olive oil to continue the anointing and several bottles of herbal tonic to purge, clean and rejuvenate the body.

Within a few weeks, he called to say that the olive oil was getting rid of the scars and dry skin and the swelling had left. Thanks be to the Almighty, with Him, all things are possible.

To my humble and pleasant readers, I couldn't decide which story to chose, but I chose this one. I hope it pleases you all. It's about a woman from Clarendon whose husband was working in another Caribbean country. Her complaint was very touching. I had to hold back the tears. On the other hand, hers were flowing.

It was simple, her husband

wasn't communicating or paying financial respect to the matrimonial home and had a contract job that was paying very well. To my

readers, words cannot begin to explain how I felt when she told me the kids were still hungry and she could not pay for the help she was asking for, including the fact that she didn't know what to expect from the landlord, so out of empathy, I decided to help her. After a

little consolation,

I told her I would make sure he paid financial respect to his kids (five children), but I would not force him to leave his job for her. Within a couple weeks after doing my part, she contacted me saying thanks as her husband was now communicating with the kids. I told her that was the start of their financial possibilities, which carried various opportunities since she wasn't yet divorced. Well, from a financial point of view, she is glad to have back her husband in her kids' life. Guess who's going to Western Union. Bless up everyone!

To my humble readers, I want to wish you a pleasant day from the bottom of my heart and a blessed future. It's a blessing to share my stories with you.

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