Predictions: Seasoned spliff gave him a stroke


November 05, 2015

A man in his early 20s was brought to my attention in a very disturbing state, with relatives saying he was suffering from a mental


His arms were twisted, one of his legs bent, mouth draining water, and he couldn't speak properly. After fully analysing him, I told realised his condition was caused by a blood vessel in his brain bursting. This is what caused the stroke. To my knowledge, this was cause by a seasoned spliff (a handmade cigarette containing a mixture of marijuana and hard drugs).

After extensive treatment, the young man made a full recovery and I warned him that smoking could lead to a relapse. He ignored my advice and took up smoking again, got sick again and died. I told him what would happen if he continued to smoke, but I guess some things just have to manifest or come to pass.

This story is about a little girl who was demon-possessed and had been hallucinating for some time before she was brought to my attention, and was speaking with a very pronounced male voice.

After studying her condition, I realised that she was victim of strong demonic forces which had taken up residence in her sub-conscious and had taken full control of her life. If left unattended, this condition could also lead to a mental breakdown.

The complexity of the situation required that I work with the physical and scientific elements of the moon to help this youngster. It took a lot of work, but within a month, under my guidance the teenager had been restored to a normal life and was back in school. This was after she had been treated with conventional therapy. She had a hard time believing some of the things the relatives told her she had undergone.

A brilliant young man from St Ann was doing very well in school until he and other students took up studying the occult and mysticism, which led to him becoming insane. In desperation, relatives brought him to me after being unable to find a cure.

I had to dig deep in my

oracle, asking parents and family members many questions pertaining to his unusual behaviour. To my conclusion, he was demon-possessed. I immediately started the process of exorcism (to get rid of demons or ghosts). I had to go back to the house where he was from to get rid of ghosts. To my readers, this work takes a lot of professionalism because when someone is demon-possessed, the demon is in total control of their body.

On his last visit (three months later), after a certain amount of work for which I was satisfactorily paid, this young man is now back in school, but does most of his studying alone and now keeps little or no friends whatsoever. He promised me faithfully that he wouldn't try to study certain subjects again (the occult or mysticism).

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