We all need Jesus in our lives

November 07, 2015
George Henry Paul Grant

NAME: Paul Grant

CHURCH: Dunsinane Seventh Day Adventist in Mandeville ,Manchester.

POSITION: Sabbath school teacher.

HOW LONG SINCE BEING SAVED: I accepted Jesus Christ from birth.

YOUR MOMENT OF CONVICTION: I was brought up in the church and appreciated the culture and practices of being a regular attendee at church; but it was about 20 years ago that I really got a fulsome knowledge of the doctrine and beliefs that I now hold. This as a result of earnest Bible study; not following a family practice as some persons do in the sense that for example I was born Anglican or I was born Adventist it means that I am going to remain that person for life. I had to search for myself, and our church encourages that kind of practice. I subscribe to the Bible and the Bible is allowed as my doctrine.

MOST CHALLENGING MOMENT SINCE BEING SAVED: For me it was self actualisation. I believe in accomplishing; reaching the zenith of my career as an individual, and sometimes my limitations financially thwarts that kind of energy and enthusiasm. At times I would day dream as to ways and means of trying to acquire that level of education that I would want to self actualise to. I am a strong believer in education and where it can take you; especially because it is a vehicle for social mobility. I strongly subscribe to that.

MOST MIRACULOUS MOMENT SINCE BEING SAVED: I have been saved several times from near accidents, and it had to be the power of Jesus Christ and Him dispatching His Angels to protect me.

MESSAGE TO CHRISTIANS: While we may not believe and subscribe to the same doctrine at least, I believe that we all serve the same God. There are some individuals who may bash other religions, but I am not of that mind set. Sometimes it may be done through ignorance, but I believe that we need to understand that we live in a real world and the best way to model Christ is through living. It should be about a daily living. It is not about our verbal utterances and how you can pontificate the scriptures. It is your practical daily living. It is your everyday living that really epitomises Jesus Christ's examples.

MESSAGE TO NON-CHRISTIANS: Without Christ you are just like a ship without a sail. So until you can understand that your existence is not of your own, accomplishments are not of your own, the very air you breathe you can't see it but it is there; so it is with Christ. You can't see Him but having an experience with Him you can tell that He is there, because you have seen His workings in others lives. So if one should be an atheist and say that there is no God, then just ask him to explain the phenomenon of the breeze; where does it comes from and where does it goes. You cannot tell. So it is with the power of Christ. So we all need Jesus in our lives. If you should say there is no Christ then it would be damning on you.

FAVOURITE BIBLE VERSE: 'Philippians 4:13

YOUR FAVOURITE SONG: My Maker and my King.

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