Star of the Month: A day with Asafa

November 09, 2015
Asafa Powell
Ian Allen/Photographer Asafa looks for a change of clothes

It was early in the morning, the sun had barely come up and the usual hustle and bustle of the busy Kingston streets had not yet began as we made our way up the hill leading to Asafa Powell's house.

This was how we started the morning that would become 'A Day In The Life of Asafa'.

While most persons were stirring, preparing to get up for the day ahead, Powell's had already started. First on the agenda was his early-morning training session at Mountain Spring, Widcombe Drive.

"Me ago bun up dah hill yah now," he said as he prepared himself for the winding roads ahead.

We journeyed with him the entire journey, in our car of course, and even then it was hard to keep up with his speed. His friends Tweeta and Jigga joined him on his journey, lagging behind at times.

As one might imagine, a number of joggers saw the athlete and used the opportunity to greet him. It was evident that this is something he is used to. After completing their training session, they continued on to do hill sprints, push-ups and some sit-ups.

After that, it was time to head to his home where he told us he would take some time to rest, shower and officially get ready for the rest of his day. After a quick drive, we arrived at his house. As we made our way inside, and up the stairs, every rung brought us to another award, certificate or portrait of the former world- record holder.


It was time for breakfast. We were unsure if he had any talent in the kitchen and he boasted that he would prove us wrong. He ushered us into his kitchen where he had prepared breakfast. We were impressed. The warmth given off by scented candles combated the cold air conditioning as he finished up his meal and began browsing the internet for car parts, while nodding to the subtle music playing in the background.

He was quite laid-back and entertained friendly banter from his publicist and physiotherapist.

After two interviews, Asafa engaged us in discussions of what his days are usually like. He talked to us about his love for music and the famous 'House of Marley Chant' mini speaker that he carries with him everywhere.

With the interviews out of the way, he decided to treat us to one of his favourite pastimes - dominoes. Though he may have won only one of four rounds, you would believe he had won all four.

He later took us inside perhaps one of his favorite places in his house - his garage. He showed us the inside of a vintage Chevy he has been restoring for some time.

As we drove along Lady Musgrave Road, vendors and pedestrians pointed towards Asafa and waved wildly.

We perused some apartments with him as he and his publicist held discussions with the realtor.

The fatigue was evident, not just on Asafa but all of us; after all, it had been a very long day.

Asafa was a good sport. Unlike his many sub-10 exploits, this time he managed to stop the STAR clock in a blistering sub-8 hours.

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