'Watchie' laid to rest

November 14, 2015
George Henry Mourners having a last close glimpse of the remains of the late Leonard McKinson at the Baillieston United Church in Clarendon.

It was a packed congregation inside the Baillieston United Church, Clarendon on Saturday November 7, as scores of mourners, headed by political representatives from the two major political parties, turned out to show their last respects to the late Christiana, Clarendon small businessman Leonard 'Watchie' McKinson.

There were tributes in abundance for the late businessman from Spalding Hill in the parish. Mckinson touched many lives with his own during the 46 years he was alive.

In giving his tribute, Michael Stern shared that McKinson was a hard worker who sold several items at the Christiana Market, while earning a livelihood for himself and his family.

He added that Jamaica needs more individuals like him to make our society a better place.

For his part, Member of Parliament Richard Azan, said the deceased's passing came as a shock to him; and that his death is a sign that man is nothing.

He expressed that it was only a few days before his passing that he saw him in good health. Azan said a good soldier has been lost, and that it will take five soldiers to replace him.

"He is dead and the Lord knows best. He was hardworking. He started his little business selling watches. He knew how to dress well, and was always neat and tidy," shared Azan.

During the delivery of his remembrance, McKinson's brother Denver, said he has left behind wonderful memories.

He added that his late brother was a true older brother. He said that the first watch he wore was given to him by his brother and he wore it with pride.

Denver told mourners that his late brother was a highly spiritual man who believed strongly in God.

While giving a reflection of his dad, Jawayne McKinson said since the moment his father died, things changed for him. He described his father as a great man. He added that he was a peaceful, loving and kind father who was a real disciplinarian; and who had a special love for all his children.

He also described his late father as a man with whom he shared a wonderful relationship.

McKinson, who passed away a month ago, was eulogised by sister Linda as a businessminded individual from a tender age.

She said he indicated from a young age that he wanted to own a business.

"He loved pudding and watches. He was a good listener and was always willing to offer his shoulders to those who needed a shoulder to lean on," said Linda.

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