Should supermarket pay my medical bills?


November 27, 2015
Caution wet floor
Caution wet floor

A customer who was injured while shopping at a supermarket last year has been left to pay all her medical expenses because the supermarket owner has refused to compensate her.

The woman reported that she did not notice that there was water on the floor ,and she slipped and sprained her right foot. She said she could not walk and so one of the workers accompanied her to the


"Last year, I went to a supermarket, and while shopping, I slipped and fell," she said.

"After the fall, I noticed that there was water on the floor. I could not get up on my own, and a security guard and one of the workers helped me up. I

started feeling severe pain in my right foot and could not walk on that foot.

"I asked the worker why water was on the floor, and he said they had just wiped the floor. There were no signs showing that the floor was wet. I was very upset and I said to the worker that at least there should be signs indicating that the floor was wet, or they should ensure that the floor was dry before the supermarket was opened.


"The owner of the supermarket came out of his office and apologised to me. I was still in severe pain and one of the workers accompanied me to the hospital. I was treated and sent home, but I had to go back for treatment several times.

"I had to pay all the medical expenses and I even had to buy a crutch because for several weeks, I could not put any pressure on the foot. I could not go to work for two months. The foot still pains me sometimes.

"I took copies of the medical bills to the supermarket, but the owner has refused to pay me. I have been to see him three times since the incident, and he has refused to speak to me. My son went to speak to him about the bills and he said he had nothing to do with my injury. He even suggested that I was not wearing a proper pair of shoes.

"I find the whole situation so unfair. I believe that he should pay me because it is not my fault that the floor was wet," she said.

The owner should accept liability and pay your medical expenses. The Occupiers' Liability Act places an obligation on the owner to ensure that the premises is reasonably safe for those permitted to be there. You should now take steps to sue the owner to recover damages for pain and suffering, loss of earnings as well as your medical expenses.

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