November 27, 2015
Arianne Zucker as Nicole Walkeron Days of Our Lives


BEAUTIFUL: Ivy was put on the spot when Steffy confronted her about her fling with Thomas. Knowing about Ivy and Thomas's night together, Liam interrupted Wyatt's rant

regarding his girlfriend's loyalty toward him. Bill and Katie debated who they thought were the correct matches for Liam and Wyatt.

Ivy was embarrassed when Liam admitted that he knew about her cheating. Quinn surprised Thomas by offering to conspire with him. Ivy was left to do damage control after Steffy was able to tell Wyatt the truth before she could. A heartbroken Wyatt asked Ivy what it was about him that drove her into Thomas' arms. Quinn and Thomas' scheming was interrupted by a minor crisis in the Forrester showroom.

Watch For: Someone overhears a confession. A prediction comes true. Tragedy strikes at Forrester Creations.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Kayla and Steve acted on their attraction, while trapped in a supply closet together. Victor forced Brady to choose between Theresa and Titan. Daniel wasn't thrilled by Fynn's continued flirtation with Nicole. Gabi and Paul embarked on new job


Hope interrogated Claudia about who was behind Bo's kidnapping. Shawn bid farewell to a heartbroken Belle. Fearing for her life, Abigail made a desperate appeal to Ben. Meanwhile, Chad was on the verge of making a daring rescue, with Lani and JJ not far behind. Hope played a dangerous game by tracking down Dr Malcolm. Belle got sucked into Sami's mess. Caroline had a disturbing vision about Victor.

Watch For: Abigail and Chad struggle to escape the burning cabin. Hope makes a surprising announcement to Roman. Theo receives a cruel text.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Patrick confronted Sam about her unresolved feelings. A loving Jason dispelled Elizabeth's fears about their future. Hayden had a surprising revelation. Carly and Michael got some advice on how best to move forward with Morgan. Nina had big plans for Crimson.

Maxie was caught off guard by Dillon's announcement. Sabrina turned to Felix for help on how to cover up her lie. Carlos overheard something he shouldn't have. Ava got a little too inquisitive for her own good. AndrE gave Anna an ultimatum. Maxie urged Lulu to "go big or go home." Elizabeth's happiness was short-lived after receiving a distressing call from Nikolas. Mac was at Anna's side during her time of need. Paul put the fear of God into Carlos. Jordan was unnerved by the sight of a familiar face.

Watch For: Elizabeth crumbles under Jason's direct questions. Ava gets jealous when she sees Paul with his date. Hayden tells Nikolas about her life before coming to Port Charles.


RESTLESS: Joe made a move on Lily. Nick urged Abby to focus on planning her wedding and not get involved in the Newman-Abbott feud. Cane told Paul and Christine about some evidence that proved he wasn't trying to extort money from Devon. Chelsea asked Adam if he was working with Victor to destroy Jabot.

Adam denied being in cahoots with his father, but Chelsea was reluctant to trust Victor. Billy told Victoria that her father would get what he deserved. Later, Victoria asked Nikki how she was able to endure being in such a volatile relationship with Victor. Noah vowed to do whatever it took to reunite Marisa with her daughter. Sage had a difficult time coping with the loss of her son, while Nick felt helpless to ease her pain.

Watch For: Cane makes a surprising confession to Devon. Ashley puts all her cards on the table with Victor. Lily plays with fire.

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