I got saved in bushes

November 28, 2015
George Henry Samuel Deacon

Name: Samuel Deacon

Church: Bride of Christ Church of God, Morgans, Alston, Clarendon

Position: Deacon.

How long have you been saved? I have been saved from 1977, at age 13.

How did you get your conviction? I grew up in Sunday school and church, but was not a Christian. I remember going to the bushes to look firewood. in my time, I was planning to be a deejay. I was trying to deejay a little song, a religious one, mixed with a little reggae. Eventually, instead of doing the reggae, I started to sing a few religious songs. It was there and then I realised the conviction reached my heart. I started to cry in the bush. I made an altar right there. That's how it all started. I went to church and made a report about what had happened. I was prayed for.

What has been your most challenging moment since saved? It was real challenging as a youngster at school, financially and otherwise. However, the most challenging time was trying to get the girls off me. They were pulling me as a young Christian from one end to the, other in classrooms. I could not get the girls hands off me. Because of that, I had to leave school before my time was up or for me to graduate. The girls would not let me go. I had to run. It was not a right decision; but I decided I would not allow them to let me lose my salvation.

What has been your most miraculous moment? I have driving my vehicle on occasions with brakes failed me. I have never been hurt. I have been driving for many years and have never been involved in an accident. Several times vehicle got out of control with me and that sort of thing, but I have always been saved by the Lord who protects me. I have never received a scratch or hit another vehicle because God has been protecting me. A vehicle even got out of control with me, with several passengers, and no one got hurt. That has to be the hand of God. When I was looking for a wife, God provided a wonderful one for me, who has the same mind to serve the Lord. She is a beautiful Christian woman. I got married to her at the age of 34.

Message to Christians: You need to be reminded Jesus is Lord. You need not be afraid because Jesus is alive. There are some Christians who are too coward and afraid. Too many are fretting and worrying about death and life. I want you to know Jesus is no longer in the grave. Do not just attend church, but make sure you know Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour.

Message to non-Christians: The same Jesus who was taken from us shall return. You are running a risk with your life, living without God and Christ. You cannot live a good life without knowing Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour. It is futile trying to live it up in this life, and don't know God. This life will be coming to an end one of these days. Everything will be coming to an end soon. therefore, you need to get on board and accept Christ before you hear too late. I am not asking you simply to attend church, I want you to get to know Him as your Lord and Saviour.

Favourite Bible scripture: The Books of St Mathew, St Luke and St John.

Favourite song: 'My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness'.

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