He played his part in church, community - Many mourn Noel Morgan

December 05, 2015
George Henry Mourners at Morgan's burial.

A fair-sized crowd turned out at the New Testament Church of God, Sanguinetti, Clarendon last Saturday, to support family members and friends of the late Noel Morgan, whose life ended on November 11.

The thanksgiving service was filled with tributes in song and the spoken word for the late Clarendonian farmer, who fed many mouths over the decades he lived and worshipped in Sanguinetti.

Glendon McDonald who represented the New Testament Church, said in his tribute that Morgan was a member for more than 20 years. The deceased, he said, served faithfully and was very involved in the activities there.

"He was a kind-hearted farmer who gave others the fruits of his labour. He played his part in church and the community well. I would like to take a page out of his book because he is worthy of emulation. He ran his race faithfully, right up to his death. I have no doubt that he has made it into Heaven," said McDonald.

Reverend Earl Rose said that Morgan was a man he grew to love and respect. He described him as a hardworking individual and a no-nonsense man who contributed to the church financially, and otherwise, for decades.

Political representative Michael Stern, told mourners that the life of Morgan should be celebrated. He described the deseased as well-respected and said he was one of the most hardworking community icons he had ever known.

"He was not a disgrace to his family or community members. God blessed him with long life. We all know that life is short; so let us live it good, while pleasing God," said Stern.

Delivering his sermon, pastor at the church Bishop Donald Dawson, said there is need for more persons like the deceased in churches across Jamaica.

Alecia Morgan, granddaughter of the deceased, said she remembers him as a quiet grandfather. She said he loved to share whatever he cultivated on his farm with others. She described him as a jovial man who loved to laugh, even at his own jokes.

"He loved cricket and football and was always interested in knowing the score of his favourite teams, whenever he was unable to watch them play or listen to commentary on the radio.

He was a bold and no-nonsense person who has left a legacy of faith and compassion for family and friends to cherish," she said.

Morgan, who hailed from Tweedeside in the parish, was one of seven children for his parents Lasetta and Joseph. He entered the world on November 25, 1925. He has left behind widow Bernice, children, grand children, and other relatives and scores of friends. Morgan's body was laid to rest at the church cemetery following the service.

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