Fass and Curious: The minds of men!


December 07, 2015

What's up my people? Have you ever been around people having a conversation and not listening but they won't shut up and you're just left with no choice but listening?

Well this was the case recently when I was sitting between two men having conversations about everything and nothing really.

One of those cases where people want to sound intelligent so they just ramble about every thought that crosses their minds. (Someone say annoying?!) So here goes...

"That's why the country is like this. We have a butu leader. Our prime minister is the only "leaders". Lol!

He continued, "We should start a church man its the best business. Can't go broke."

The other man seemed intrigued by this as he grinned his teeth said, "Just let me collect the money! Look how foreign big, 52 states and Jamaica have more church than them!"

And they were moving on already..."You know what really wake me up? Mi go Bahamas fi go shopping and a man pick mi wallet and still waah shoot mi!"

"Hmmm. A lie! That was close!"

"Out of every 100 Jamaican you can find two good one!"

get married

Somebody tell me what these men were talking about cause I was trying to catch up but they kept running away. Couldn't make sense of what they were saying but I continued to listen.

"Who can run, run cause the country nah change no time soon."

The next one replied, "No time at all. Nah gwan good at all"

"Only a get worse, your food bill is more than your rent." The other agreed. I was actually shaking my head on that point because finally that was something I could relate to.

They were silent for a while then it was like a light bulb went on. "Any day mi get married it have to be to a country girl. Not a Kingstonian. I can't go wrong Trappie!"

Oh okay so now we know one of the men was Trappie lol!

Trappie replied, "We a go up in the hills hehe!"

Leader of the conversation went on, "Mi nu wah no woman fi bi mi helper. She get her cousin or aunt and pay them to do it. Just something totally different about country girl, whether it's that they cook or what. They just different (pause). They better (another pause). More caring (pause again). Understanding, they different!"

I was just wondering why he was pausing so much at every word . Like he was carefully considering his thoughts.

Trappie showed him a woman with a bunch of kids. "She going for her football team. Every evening this time she pass!" They shared laughs.

Smh. D.i.s.r.e.s.p.e.c.t.f.u.l!

"I got two and I feel like I have too much. I want them to have what I never have."

Trappie jumped in, "Mi did love sex, a six mi get. Dem deh foreign still so mi glad."

Sigh! Now they were getting on my nerves. I wanted to say something but didn't want to add fuel to the fire.

Then the main talker said something that I totally agreed with, I had to shake his hand when he said.... "At the end of the day kids never asked to be here. They are yours you should maintain them." Hallelujah!

He continued..."Kids these days lack guidance and self-esteem. Some people work easy to live hard but I work hard to live easy. See people dont understand that poor means past over opportunities repeatedly. I have ghetto Phd. Poor, hungry and determined for change. Because of struggling most people are ignorant." He was preaching a sermon.

I thought he was finished but then he changed and went into talking about the difference between a woman, a gal and a lady. Oh good God. I was ready to leave. I had enough!

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