Predictions: Disabled man now making money


December 10, 2015

Having lost his left leg after his motorbike was involved in a crash, this cyclist was having a hard time meeting his financial obligations. The vehicle was not insured and so he did not have any money to collect for his lost limb and could not earn as he had done before.

He turned up walking with crutches and explained that he did not know where to turn and someone had told him about me. After giving him a spiritual blessing, I instructed him to get a lawyer, which he did immediately. After a drawn-out period of three years, both lawyers decided on an out-of-court settlement and he called and asked me what decision he should make. I told him to take whatever he got and invest it, so the money could take care of him for the rest of his life. He followed my advice and is now creating his own wealth after investing in a two-bedroom house, as well as a piece of farmland and going into agriculture.

When a 76-year-old St Ann resident diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, a disorder of the nervous system which left his hands in a constant state of trembling visited, I had to help him to get from the vehicle to my office. He had suffered a mild stroke and could barely walk.

His speech was so slurred that I had difficulty hearing his complaint, so I gave him a pen to write but that didn't help much since the writing was so bad. I then tested his heartbeat with a stethoscope, found it to be regular, and diagnosed that his mouth was twisted due to the effects of the stroke. With great effort, he shook his head to indicate no, when I asked if he had been prescribed any medication.

After giving a proper massage with my machine, using some olive oil, I had blessed and consecrated, along with some herbal tonic, I prayed asking my Lord to heal him. To my surprise, he showed signs of improvement and shaking my hand, while saying thanks out of the corner of his mouth.

God had blessed that man the very moment because I could feel the energy when he touched me. I then wrote on a piece of paper giving him instructions on how to use the potion I gave him to use, and after the medicine finished, advising him to come back for more. Before the medicine was finished, he called me on the phone to say he was feeling better. I could hear what he was saying clearly, as he told he would be returning for more medicine, and each time he visited, there was an improvement in his condition. His mouth is no longer twisted and he is walking much better. Thanks be to the Lord for helping this man!

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