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December 10, 2015
Contributed Papa San
Contributed Papa San

Hello, real people welcome back. This week on Real Talk my guest is a veteran artiste, a lyricist with a fast paced delivery, whose influence is still very prominent in dancehall though he is no longer there. He is now a gospel artiste and a preacher. Meet Papa San.

Renee: What influenced you to go into gospel music?

Papa San: It's not going into gospel music, it was being born again. My intention was not for the music; my intention was to know Christ. In 1997, I said to myself that even if I don't pursue a musical career, I'm still going to serve Christ. It was afterwards that the Lord laid it on my heart to continue with music but for Him this time. The music was secondary, Christ was always first. I ran for Christ and left everything else behind.

Renee: Both you and your dancehall rival, Stitchie gave your lives to Christ in 1997. How did you feel about that?

Papa San: Junior Tucker got saved the same year as well. When Stitchie gave His life to God, Junior Tucker called me and said that Stitchie is on the line. That was the first time we spoke since the rivalry at Sting. He said to us that he wants to give his life to Christ. We were just congratulating him. Anyone who comes to Jesus, the Bible teaches that it can only happen through the Holy Spirit so I knew that had to be the move of the Holy Spirit.

Renee: How do you feel about the influence you had in dancehall?

Papa San: Many artistes are always talking about my influence with the lyrics and you know deejaying backwards and those things (laughs). But as much as how we influenced them there (in dancehall), my prayer is to see them doing what they're doing but here, in gospel music.

Renee: Coming out of a life where women were probably at your beck and call, how did you know that Debbie was the one you wanted to marry?

Papa San: You have to seek a wife. The bible says, "He that findeth a wife", not findeth a girlfriend. You have to see that quality. I'm not talking about a perfect person, I'm talking about elegance. A person who you can say, this is the person I want to have my children. I just know that I saw a mother in her, a wife in her.

I saw that quality and she's the one I truly loved. I was wild, I was very wild but when I got saved, I knew just where to go because of her qualities.

This is where I leave for this week. Catch me again next week when I wrap up my interview with Papa San. Until then keep it real!

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