A hungry man is an angry man!


December 14, 2015

Hey, Yuh know when hungry tun up and hungry a box yuh till yuh waah box it back?! Or when yuh hungry till di worm dem a play karate and yuh tripe dem start twist up?! Unuh know what me mean don't?!

So you also know that when you reach that level of hungriness your reasoning ability has no rationality about it! Hhhhhungry people can be very angry. So tell me how would you feel if you walk up in a restaurant that's supposed to be 3/4/5 stars and because of the hour of night you see hot dogs on sale so you decide you will settle for that and some chips only to find out that the chips aren't fries; but actual chips in a bag?! Sigh!

To add insult to injury you are given a menu, you start feeling good because you are seeing things you are familiar with only to learn they only have two deggeh deggeh sinting pon it available?! Things I never even ate before and can't pronounce.

Now everybody know when hungry a beat yuh, you really want to stick to something you know is bound to fill your stomach. Right or wrong?! There is no trying out new things at that time cause next thing you don't like it. You gonna still be hungry and more upset.

Anyway I ordered a cup of hot chocolate which took a decent 10 minutes to come. Smh. Apparently these people don't understand when sumady hungry. If it was possible mi sell IGL some gas! I asked how much longer would it take for the cup of hot chocolate to be ready, "another 5 secs!" Kmdt! I was turning blue and my grumbling was becoming apparent now.


I sipped the hot beverage and tried to tame the monster inside me. I finally decided I would try the chicken and sweet corn #flautus. Like what the hell is a flautus though?! Well according to the menu it is roast chicken breast, green onion, sweet corn and garlic mayonnaise wrapped in a flour tortilla. Hello I'm Jamaican even dumpling and butter would do me well cho! But what to do. That's what you get when you opt to eat at a fancy restaurant huh!?!

Bwoy di way mi did hungry at the moment I may have ate a dog if I had seen one. (Don't laugh, it's not funny). Finally the plate came and I 'murdered' everything on the plate well actually I left half of that fancy name stuff (flautus). I mean it didn't eat so bad after all but gas done pack up mi body already and cramps were slowly creeping in. I just learn when you really hungry food is food because the way I chumped everything down you would think I was trying to finish before someone begged me any but who cares. Mi did hungry bad!

The waiter who served us make sure him tek weh himself after my perfect twanging turn to some raw patois! Lmao! He

really looked frighten for a minute but who cares. Mi did hungry bad and him a gwan like him nah no sense inna late night/early mawning.

Walk good yah peeps! Bless up unuhself!

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