Cabbie, student at odds over baby's paternity

December 18, 2015

A student and a cab driver are now in disagreement over the paternity of a one-year-old child that is at the centre of their relationship.

The student, Jane Mullings*, is adamant that the boy's father is Peter Ellis*, a 25-year-old cab driver. However, he is not as certain that the child is his.

The two met after Peter discovered Jane's number in a friend's cell phone. He called her and explained who he was, but she rejected him initially. However, his persistence in pursuing her paid off when she finally decided to give him a chance.

The relationship then blossomed and a baby boy was born a year later. However, Peter recently discovered that the child is registered in another man's name, after he acquired the child's birth certificate when the youngster fell ill and he took him to the doctor. Peter also claims the child does not look like him.

Jane explained that she was young when she had the baby so her mother was the one who dealt with the child's registration, and put the baby in another man's name based on incorrect assumptions.

Now the couple remains at odds about the child's true paternity.

THE WEEKEND STAR asked the couple the following questions.

STAR: What do you want the results to be?

Peter: I just want to know if it's mine or not.

Jane: I know it's Peter's baby. Based on how my body cycle was going, I know is him get me pregnant. Furthermore, a him same one tell me say me pregnant.

STAR: What will happen if the results say the child's father is Peter?

Peter: If a mine, me know say me affi go continue take care a it.

Jane: Everything would remain normal.

STAR: What will happen if the results say the child's father is not Peter?

Peter: Me still woulda help out wid the baby, me jus waa mek sure.

Jane: I guess the granny [Peter's mother] woulda haffi stop take care a the baby because a she a take care a him now.

STAR: Who does the child look like?

Peter: Him barely look like the mother. Him no look like me at all. Me have straight nose and the baby nose bridge sink een. The baby have double joint inna him foot and back and me no have that, and the baby head shape different from mine.

Jane: The baby look like Peter. Him have the eyes, forehead and head, and same like how Peter mouth can't close, a same way the baby stay.

STAR: What are your friends and family saying?

Peter: Me friend say the baby no look like me, and every time me carry out the baby, people a ask if a mine because the baby no look like me.

Jane: I don't' tell people my business so they don't know about the situation. My stepmother and father say it's Peter's child.

*Names changed.

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