Spice takes the spotlight! - February's Star of the Month


February 01, 2016
Spice aka Grace Hamilton

Her raunchy lyrics and down-to-earth personality and, not to mention, her fierce attitude are some of the reasons why Grace Hamilton better known as Spice, has been chosen as February's Star of the month.

Ever since the entertainer burst onto the dancehall scene in 1999, she has been a force to be reckoned with. She has had several hit songs throughout her almost two decades-long career, including Fight Ova Man, Rampin Shop, Daggering, Jim Screechie and, most recently, Needle Eye.

Today, she is known as a dancehall heavyweight, but Spice's love for music started while attending the St Catherine High School. Back then, she was best known for singing, not deejaying.

Though she is more popularly known as Spice, over the years her fans have got to see the person she is away from the dancehall stage. When she is away from the microphone and the spotlight, Spice is simply Grace Hamilton, a mother of two and a soon-to-be wife. Outside of the dancehall, Spice is a devoted mother and a loving fiancEe. She aspires to be the best example she can be for her children and, hopefully, by the end of the month, all who had not known about either Spice or Grace Hamilton will get better acquainted.

Over the next four weeks, STAR readers and online subscribers will get to know the deejay a little bit better as she opens up her home and her heart to our news team. Fans will get to see the domesticated side of the singer through the feature, 'Spice in the Kitchen', and will get the opportunity to see what the singer does on a daily basis through the feature, 'A Day in the Life of Spice'.

As part of the month-long feature, fans will, among other things, get to see pictures of a younger Spice and will get to hear facts about the entertainer that have never been revealed.

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