Couple divorcing over politics


February 26, 2016

A wife is threatening to divorce her husband who has been verbally abusing her because she told him she was not going to vote for the political party of his choice.

She said since she made the revelation to him, he has been cursing her night and day. She said that even some of her male relatives have had to warn him that they would defend her if he physically assaulted her.

"I know my husband is a fanatic of a certain party, but I cannot believe that he would curse me who is his wife of 20 years over politics," she explained.

"During the last election, we voted for the same party. As a matter of fact, we have been married for 20 years and have always voted for the same party.

"Two weeks ago while we were having dinner, I told my husband I was voting for a different party. He actually stopped eating and began to curse me. He told me all kinds of unpleasant things.

"The next day, he woke up very early and even told me to come out of his house. He continued cursing me and even told me that I was a fool.

"I complained to my brothers and my nephews how my husband was behaving. They went to the house and warned him that if he physically abused me, he would have to answer to them. After they left, my husband said it was his house and no one could stop him from talking. He cursed me for taking his private business to my relatives.

"I told him I was a grown woman and he had no right to tell me which party I should vote for. I told him that I was not telling him which party he should vote for, so he should leave me alone.

"I was shocked last week Tuesday when I returned from work to see all my belongings in suitcases and boxes in the driveway. I called one of my brothers and he came for me.

"It is hard to believe that my husband could throw me out of the house because of politics. My relatives told me to divorce him because he is very disrespectful. I agree with them and I am really going to divorce him. He bought the house five years after we were married, but my name is not on the title. I am not sure if I have any share in the house," she said.

Under the Property (Rights of Spouses) Act, you are entitled to a share in the property. You should consult a lawyer to assist you to get your entitlement in the property. However, you cannot file for divorce until you have been separated from your husband for a year.

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