Star of the month: Tanto Blacks talks fashion

March 11, 2016
Tanto Blacks

Our Star of the Month has already opened up to us about his childhood dreams and source of his on-stage energy. Today, we learn more about his fashion sense as he is well-known for his outrageous style.

Star: Where do you get your sense of style from?

Tanto: Well, a God innu. Everything mi have come from God, all a mi talents and the way mi put myself together. God make me know who I am, and that come out in the way how mi dress, how mi deejay, how mi behave. But from me a grow up mi admire the style from man like Beenie, Bounty and Elephant Man.

Star: Who are some of your favourite local designers?

Tanto: Lando from Spanish Town a di man. A him mi go to fi all a mi suit dem. Him understand Tanto style, Him always on point, and whenever mi go to him fi a suit him always finish on time.

Star: When you are away from the stage, are you a jeans and T-shirt kind of guy?

Tanto: Mi just put on clothes innu. Mi always dress up even when mi nuh have a show. People might say him dress 'maddy maddy', but that's just me. We affi keep the thing pan a certain level all the time innu.

Star: If a woman wants to get your attention, what kind of fashion sense should she have?

Tanto: She affi well put together innu, gorgeous all the time. Mi nuh want nuh butu butu, she affi dress like a real rich lady in the streets. Her style nuffi normal, she affi can bring mi off. Mi nuh fraid fi spend mi money pan di ladies innu. A me say anything yuh want me gi yuh mi gyal.

Star: Where are some of the places you like to shop?

Tanto: Aside from Lando a Spanish Town, a dung a town mi ting deh man.

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