Randy, Dorraine exchange vows

March 12, 2016
George Henry The Stewarts posing for the cameras after the wedding
George Henry The Stewarts share a kiss after the wedding

Randy Stewart and Dorraine Yorke knew each other from childhood.

However, Randy had moved out of their community of Newport, Manchester, and it was years after he became a Christian that he moved back.

He started attending church with Dorraine, who started to attend college while Randy was working with one of the island's phone companies.

Dorraine left college and started to work at a hospital, when she realised that she had a crush on Randy. She would walk the longer route to work in an effort to spy on Randy through the windows of the building where he worked.

According to her, that move made her evenings. It was not long after that Randy learnt of her working hours and asked her to wait for him until he left work, so they could take a taxi together, since they were going to the same area.

They developed a liking for each other's personality and confessed that their feelings were kept hidden on both sides.

Dorraine saw Randy as a handsome dedicated young Christian man, and Randy saw Dorraine as a mature Christian young woman.

The feelings grew stronger, and they fell in love. Their love for each other further blossomed as time passed, and on May 9, 2015, Randy proposed to Dorraine.

"We were going to a food establishment in St Elizabeth to spend some time together, when Randy made a detour and asked me if I had ever been to Lover's Leap. I said no. To my surprise, Randy bought a bottle of wine, and on the day he proposed to me, he made a CD with some soft love songs which he played in the car all the way to Lover's Leap," recalled Dorraine.

While on the lawns of the property Randy took a beautiful ring from his knapsack, got down on his knee and asked Dorraine the very important question, "Would you marry me?"

"I replied by saying, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" she recalled.

The couple were dating for three years before they decided that they would be joined together on Saturday, February 27, 2016, to become Mr and Mrs Randy Stewart.

Their wedding took place at the Newport New Testament Church of God in Manchester and was attended by several family members and other guests.

Following the wedding ceremony, they journeyed to the town of Mandeville to Neil's Auditorium for their wedding reception.

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